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When many people come together they make a community.  When many organizations come together they also make a community.  VBIC brings together a dedicated team of individuals and organizations that have come together for their respective communities. 

When people work together it is called a team and when organizations work together it is called partnership.

VBIC is about Community, Partnerships and Teamwork


VBIC Team Members:

[Centre Aboriginal Human Resource Development]

CAHRD is a centralized services centre that provides a wide variety of
specialized services for the Aboriginal community in Winnipeg.

[Computer Lending Library]

The Computer Lending Library makes available on loan computers and other technology for participants who do not have the resources or ability to acquire the basic business technologies.

[The Aboriginal Council]

The Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg Inc. (ACW) is a community-based, membership-driven Aboriginal Community Development organization dedicated to developing and nurturing collaborative working relationships, information sharing and partnerships between Aboriginal Service provider organizations and agencies in Winnipeg.

[First Peoples Economic Growth Fund

The First Peoples Economic Growth Fund may provide access to the
funding requirements of new or expanding businesses and the entrepreneurs.

[Smart Partners of Manitoba]

Smart Partners is the Joint Initiatives Secretariat.

[Indian and Northern Affairs Canada]

INAC was key to the development of the online version of VBIC.

[The City of Winnipeg]

The City of Winnipeg and Mayor Sam Katz are an enthusiastic supporters of entrepreneurship and economic development.