SmarterVillage - The Projects

The list below will give you an idea of the types of projects we are undertaking, the links at the right provides more detail.

Pellital Support

Through our work in SmarterVillage we hope to also support the Pellital microfinance organization.  We are beginning to raise money to be used as a loan fund for start-up and expanding businesses. Entrepreneurs in the Village will also have access to Business Counselling through the Virtual Business Innovation Centre.

Entrepreneur Support through Sourcing

While Entrepreneurs grow in the Village, we are available to do sourcing in the Canadian market.  We will explore sources of off-market inventories or raw materials.

CyberSpace Centre

The CyberSpace Centre, due to open this summer, is being put in place as the Centre of technical and business training in Agnam-Goly.  Connectivity, Computer Fundamentals training, meeting rooms and equipment will be available at the Centre.

Smokeless Stove

Currently we are investigating several stoves that show promise to be used in Agnam-Goly.  One is produced by Phillips and we are working toward a prototype for Villagers to view and express any demand for the stove. 

Waste Management

The students in Agnam-Goly are investigating a long term solution for waste management which may involve a landfill and recycling.  We expect the result to be a student business of collecting waste and managing it in environmentally sound ways.

Drip Irrigation System

The community gardens would do much better with and efficient irrigation system.  There is an existing well, all that is needed is a pump and the irrigation apparatus.