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All loans have been totally paid.

To the Pellital's lenders,

Thispost is to notify you that you have the possibility to withdraw your repayement or re-lend your money to the entrepreneur women of Agnam-Goly for the next program of micro-lending.

We will maintain the first six borrowers and probably select some other entrepreneurs for the next program.

For any withdrawal of money, please contact Julia Blue (jblue@embarqmail.com). Let us know as well if you decide to re-lend your money.

For your information: we're preparing a financial report as well as an interwiew with the entrepreneur women of Agnam-Goly to look at some social and financial impacts of the loans. This said, you will have an insight on how your loan had helped them.You will be notified assoon asthe reportsare available.

We really appreciated your help!

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