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Second set of loans repayements as of July 2, 2009

The second set loans for which we were raising funds was disbursed, and borrowers were to repay in two installments, one half on April 2, 2009 and the other half on July 2, 2009. Lenders are able to withdraw repayments when the final installment is due or re-lend it to the next set of entrepreneurs. The current repayment status of the loans is as follows:

Kadia Diop (fish seller): $658
Dieynaba Sall (butter milk seller): $132
Fama Mbodji (seamstress): $132
Maty Thioye (vegetables seller): $132

1 - Kadia Diop has paid her arrears for an amount of $67.77 for the 1st set of loans repayements of April 2, 2009.
2 - Mari & Penda have paid the another half sum of $113.86 for the last loan of $216.87 they have received in addition to their first loan. But they're planning to pay back their entire loan on July 10 as well as Mariatou Sall, the hairstylist.

Please note that you may visit our website, www.pellital.org, for status updates, receipts and loan transaction documents, and financial records for the Pellital project which will be available very soon.

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