Pellital Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Pellital Microfinance Institution is to assist in alleviating poverty in Agnam-Goly, Senegal through the introduction of a Microfinance Program. 

The Pellital team's objective is to aid the Pellital Microfinance Institution in the successful planning and implementing of small businesses to elevate the families of Agnam-Goly out of poverty.


Why We Need Your Help

The aspiring entrepreneurs featured on the Pellital Website are women who are in dire need of a loan to start or expand their business.  Pellital is looking for socially minded people such as yourself to provide a micro-loan to them that assists them to start or expand their business.  These entrepreneurial women all live in Senegal and have been carefully selected by Adama Diop, the co-founder of Pellital, based on their motivation, leadership skills and business proposals.

Within their profiles you can find information on their personal backgrounds, business descriptions and the level of funding they need.  The business concepts range from hairstylists, to a fish seller, to seamstresses.  Each has already received a portion of the funding required but the funds are not yet enough to start-up or expand their businesses.  Your contribution to the micro-loan program can empower these women, assisting to elevate them out of poverty.  The loan will not only make a difference on the lives of these women, but also on the lives of their children, their relatives and their entire community.  

Only a small loan is needed to make a huge difference, and through microfinance you have the ability to make that difference.  Are you ready to take that first step?