Penda and Mari

Penda and Mari live in the same household. They are 25 years old and are each the mothers of two children. Penda and Mari have learned the traditional ways and styles and would open a small clothing shop that would sell the traditional clothing and accessories that they have produced like "boubou" dresses, undergarments, shoes, incense and perfumes. As you can see from the photo, Penda and Mari have the skills and talent to create the most beautiful garments and traditional clothing. They have been given a loan of $263 for sewing equipment as well as an inventory of cloth and other materials required to launch their business.  This loan will assist Penda and Mari and ensure that the traditions of Senegal remain for future generations.

Updates about Penda and Mari:

Mary and Penda received $ 437 to open a store selling items and popular feminine tunics called 'Thioup'. They have a unique model: clients temporarily borrow the high priced items and then repay them to the end of a month. Early on, Mary and Penda experienced difficulties: customers were not respecting the one month time limit. Despite these difficulties, they managed their business very well and they have found ways to satisfy their customers by offering to pay half in advance on any item purchased. Coupled with their new strategy, the loan helped them to expand their store.

Loan renewed: October 1st, 2009

First repayement: December 1st, 2009

Second repayement: March 1st, 2010