Mariatou Sall

Mariatou Sall is a highly respected, professional hairstylist. She specializes in the very elaborate braided hairstyles of West Africa. Her hair braiding business employs five other village women. Mariatou and her colleagues are in high demand by the brides of the region before their weddings. Mariatou specializes in the many traditional hairstyles which are an integral part of the weddings and of the costuming for village festivals and celebrations. Mariatou owns her own business and she vividly demonstrates that the local women can contribute siginificantly to the family income. But as importantly she is preserving Agnam-Goly's traditional braided hairstyles for future generations. To promote the business, Mariatou has been given a loan of $65 for a local radio commercial. Radio is a very important technology in Agnam-Goly and one that all people respect and listen to. The message Mariatou wishes to give is that tradition is alive and well and it is preserved in her braiding techniques.

Updates about Mariatou:

Mariatou received a $ 65 loan, and has paid the loan back in full. Her business is to make traditional braids called 'Thiossane' for brides and style hair for traditional festivals and cultural events. She used the loan to advertise her services and attract customers. Mariatou is very grateful for the impact that the first loan made, but has decided that she does not need additional credit.