Drip Irrigation System

The villagers of Agnam-Goly cultivate sorghum, corn, beans and watermelons in the Walo (flood plains) following the seasonal flooding of the Senegal River. During the wet season, millet, beans, bissap, melon, and sorghum are grown in the Dieri (sandy area.)

Agriculture in the village is undergoing a crisis, because rainfall has decreased, irrigation is insufficient, the soil is depleted of nutrients, the price of fertilizer is high, and locusts and other pests attack crops. Nevertheless, horticulture gardening is expected to benefit the village over the coming years. The 5 hectares in the collective community garden of Agnam-Goly provides lots of vegetables such as tomatoes, okra, cabbage, carrot, onion, peppers, lettuce, turnips, eggplant, etc. But due to lack of water and efficient drip irrigation system, their production of vegetables is dropping. The idea is to equip the well near the garden with a water pump. The well is suitable for the drip irrigation system.