CyberSpace Centre

The Agnam-Goly village is a remote place where local people do not have Internet access and services such as photocopying machines or scanning and faxing documents. The only cybercafé is 80 miles away from the village and it takes a whole day to go in Ourossogui where the Internet connection is available. The idea is to connect the Agnam-Goly village to the rest of the world through Internet. The Cyberspace project will provide:

  • Internet access for Agnam-Goly and its neighbor villages,
  • Services such as photocopying, printing, scanning, receiving and faxing information,
  • And computer fundamentals training in French.

The Cyberspace Centre will also provide a community meeting room and home for the Agnam-Goly students’ organization where they can discuss community development and all projects related to the Village. Actually, we are encouraging a young student of the village who is doing a computer fundamentals training in Dakar, the capital city of Senegal. Once that student completes his training, he will keep the Cyberspace running as a full time job.

Also, we are in partnership with Computer Lending Library, a Canadian based organization that is willing to support the project by providing computers after the students complete their training on computer fundamentals, as most of them can’t afford to buy a personal computer. Public places including the two elementary schools, the middle junior high school and the health center will be also provided computers for administration usage.