Community Development

According to scholars, Community development starts from the premise that within any community there is a wealth of knowledge and experience which, if used in creative ways, results in high levels of participation and can be channeled into collective action to achieve the communities' desired goals.

Our key purpose of community development is collectively to bring about social and economic changes, by working with the Agnam-Goly village to:

  • Identify their needs and opportunities,
  • Plan, organize and take action,
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the action.

We focus more on Community Economic Development (CED) which is defined by scholars as an action taken locally by a community to provide economic opportunities and improve social conditions in a sustainable way.


Our vision is to build in the Agnam-Goly village:

  • A sustainable community,
  • A social capital,
  • A community networking,
  • A business and community partnerships.

And our mission is to implement the following projects:

  • A Cyberspace centre
  • A smokeless stove
  • A drip irrigation system for gardening
  • A remote landfill for recycling and handling garbage
  • A health equipment for the maternal centre