Agnam-Goly is a West African village located in the northeast of Senegal.  Many of the 3,143 inhabitants make their living from herding cattle and farming on the banks of the Senegal River.  Some of the women of Agnam-Goly work hard to supplement their families' incomes by running their own small enterprises; most will earn less than two dollars a day for their hard work.

The village has two elementary schools and a middle junior high-school.  There are also several other  necessities such as a small mutual bank, a health clinic (with an ambulance that is not working!) and an open market.

Agnam-Goly is remote being approximately twelve hours by bush taxi from the Dakar the capital of Senegal.  Due to this distance, it is not often that Agnam-Goly receives any assistance.  The residents of Agnam-Goly are secluded and not often thought of by the agencies that address critical development needs in other, more accessible areas of Senegal.  Pellital is a home-grown solution and one organization that is actively bridging the distance obstacle and actively helping the people of Agnam-Goly.

Pellital, as a microfinance institution in Agnam-Goly, is assisting to empower the women of this remote community.  In general, microfinance is a proven, useful tool for business training, teaching people fiscal disciplines and the other necessary skills for entrepreneurial success.  Pellital can also help the women of Agnam-Goly make their businesses more sustainable, thereby increasing the quality of life of the borrowers and their families. 

Pellital, a new way of building human capacity!

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